Prima Add-on bundles

When you need more minutes, SMS or MB, you can activate Prima Add-ons of your choice! Prima Add-ons are available for all Prima Universal tariff plan customers.

All Prima customers (excluding Prima for kids and Data Prima users) can change to Prima Universal tariff plan by sending a free SMS with text “U” or “Uni” to 789 or by calling *88 (0.18 BGN per call). After successfully activating Universal tariff plan, the customer will receive SMS confirmation.

Prima Add-ons 

Prima Add-ons are available for all Prima Universal tariff plan customers

Add-on content


Add-on price

Add-on activation code to be send to number 789

Combo Add-ons

  • 100 national minutes
  • 100 minutes to Mtel
  • 1000 МВ

15 days

5,99 BGN.


  • 200 minutes to Mtel
  • 200 SMS to Mtel
  • 200 МВ

30 days

5,99 BGN


  • 5000 minutes to Friends and family
  • 200 SMS to Mtel
  • 200 МВ

30 days

5,99 BGN


Mobile internet

50 МВ 24 hours 0,99 BGN D124
50 МВ 7 days 1,99 BGN D17
100 МВ 30 days 2,99 BGN D2
500 МВ 30 days 5,99 BGN D1

Mtel mobile minutes

60 minutes 24 hours 0,99 BGN М124
60 minutes 7 days 1,99 BGN М17
150 minutes 30 days 2,99 BGN М1
350 minutes 30 days 5,99 BGN М2

National minutes

10 minutes 24 hours 0,99 BGN N124
10 minutes 7 days 1,99 BGN N17
20 minutes 30 days 2,99 BGN N2
50 minutes 30 days 5,99 BGN N1

Minutes to 1 VIP Mtel mobile number

5000 minutes to 1 VIP Mtel  mobile number 30 days 1,99 BGN V1
  • You can activate the chosen Prima Add-on bundle by sending a free SMS to 789 with text – the activation code of the Prima Add-on bundle or via our new Mtel menu for Prima customers *123#. To access the new menu dial *123# from your telephone’s keyboard and press the green button or the dial button. The *123# menu is free for Prima customers.
  • The price of your chosen bundle is deducted from your current Prima card balance.
  • After successfully activating the chosen Prima Add-on bundle you will receive SMS confirmation.
  • The minutes for outgoing calls and short text messages (SMS) in the Prima Add-on bundles do not include outgoing calls to short codes, numbers for added value services and/or other specialised services (including to numbers 131, *88 and other “star” type numbers, Musicall, Mtel+, STUDIO 88, the mobile portal for fun), to numbers from the 0700 range, to data and fax numbers, outgoing WAP calls.
  • After using up the respective volume, included in the Add-on bundles, the prices for the Universal tariff apply.
  • Every Prima Add-on bundle represents a certain volume for use of electronic communications services (i.e. minutes, SMS, MMS, MB for mobile internet), which is activated by the customer in addition to a Prima Universal tariff plan and is used in a certain validity period for a certain price.
  • In case the Prima card already has use identical to the volume included in the chosen Prima Add-on bundle, the Prima card available volume is used first, and then the volume included in the Prima Add-on bundle, that is activated subsequently.
  • All prices are VAT incl.
  • When changing from Prima Universal tariff plan to another Prima tariff plan the available volume of an activated Prima Add-on bundle is lost.