Postpaid tariff plans

  • Mtel Classic

    Mtel Classic

    The standard Mtel tariff
    • Subscription tariff plan with an initial charging period of 30 seconds, after which every second is charged.
    • You have unlimited calls to one favourite number
    • You can to talk to everyone in Bulgaria
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  • Mtel Infinity

    Mtel without limits

    The new Mtel without limits allows you to choose the best combination of minutes and megabytes for your needs.
    • Access to Mtel NOW mobile television, including exclusive sports coverage from Mtel Sport
    • Add-ons for mobile internet, according to your own needs
    • One monthly fee discount, when ordering online
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Roaming Tariffs

  • EU Roaming Unlimited

    EU Europe Unlimited

    Communicate freely while traveling

    • The latest special offer.
    • For just 6.90 BGN VAT incl. per day you can talk, send SMS and surf unlimited within the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Turkey and Norway
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    The standard Mtel tariff
    • Low prices for calls anywhere on earth during the roaming usage
    • Free activation
    • No monthly fee
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Roaming Packs

  • Mtel PACK2GO

    Get Mtel PACK2GO – attractive combined bundles with up to 240 minutes for calls, SMS and MB for surfing.

    • Now with more SMS and MB included
    • Up to 240 minutes for calls, 240 SMS and 240 МВ for web surfing
    • Bundles with included minutes, SMS and mobile internet for EU-countries, Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland as well as AT&T USA
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    If you travel often to Balkan countries, Mtel Balkan Talk is exactly what you need. You get 60 minutes of outgoing and incoming calls.

    • Lower prices for calls in the Balkans
    • 60 minutes in the bundle for outgoing and incoming calls
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  • Mtel NET WINGS

    Choose Mtel Net Wings 10 or Mtel Net Wings 100 with 10 or 100 MB data transfer traffic included.

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