Money Transfer

Top up a friend’s prepaid card.
What is Money Transfer?

The service enables every Прима card user to recharge his/her friend’s or family member’s Mtel prepaid card. The recharge is done by transferring an amount from one Прима card to another. The transferred amount can be from 1 to 4 leva inclusive.

How does it work?

It’s easy: If a Прима user and you want to top up a friend’s prepaid card, text a message to 1764 free of charge typing in the following :

08хххххххх, 1; 08хххххххх, 2; 08хххххххх, 3; 08хххххххх, 4, where 08хххххххх is the number which you want to recharge; and 1, 2, 3 and 4 is the transferred amount.

Please note
  • To transfer an amount the Прима card user must have recharged his/her card at least once before regardless of the amount.
  • After the transfer your account balance should be no less than 4 leva.
  • A successful transfer is charged at s 0.10 leva (VAT inclusive). It is deducted from the sender’s account.
  • With Money Transfer a Прима user can transfer up to 20 leva (VAT inclusive) per month.
  • The top up using Money Transfer doesn’t extend the Прима card’s validity.
  • The top up using Money Transfer doesn’t provide the bonuses one gets when topping up using the standard ways (e.g. paper voucher, Easy Recharge, QuickTop, Mtel+ Menu).
  • The transferred amount is not considered Прима consumption for the sender.