Prepaid Mobile Data Add-ons for Laptops and tablets

Additional bundles of mobile internet traffic at attractive prices for your Data Prima.  

You can top-up your Data Prima with additional bundles for mobile internet. The bundle can be activated one-time only or you can choose automatic renewal.
  • Choose and activate the most suitable additional bundle for you by sending a free SMS to 1976 containing text with the amount of traffic included in the bundle you want to activate. If you would like the bundle to be automatically renewed, add R before the activation text.
  • You can activate an additional bundle in the new Mtel menu by dialing *123# or on


  • If you would like to buy an additional bundle Prima Free Data 9000 MB once, send an SMS with text 9000 MB to short number 1796.
  • If you would like to buy an additional bundle Prima Free Data 9000 MB with the option of automatic renewal, send an SMS with text R9000 MB to short number 1796.

Data bundlePrima Free Data 1000 MBPrima Free Data 2500 MBPrima Free Data 9000 MB
Price 5,99 BGN 9,99 BGN 29,99 BGN
Traffic included 1000 MB 2500 MB 9000 MB
Validity 10 days 20 days 30 days
Free SMS to 1796 with text 1000 MB 2500 MB 9000 MB
  • To deactivate automatic renewal of an additional bundle, send an SMS with text STOP to short number 1796.

Bundle validity
  • You can extend the validity period by topping up the desired bundle and the unused traffic (MB) will accumulate with each follow up activation.
  • If the validity period of the bundle expires, unused MB cannot be transferred to a follow up activation.
  • To check the available data volume (MB), go to Mtel menu in *123#

Terms and conditions
  • Price per MB exceeding the prepaid traffic – 2.56 BGN
  • Charging method – per 20 KB.
  • 1 МВ (Megabyte) equals 1024 KB (Kilobytes).
  • All prices are in BGN, VAT incl. and are valid for the Mtel network only.


Validity of the card and the current balance

Validity periodWhen activating the Prima cardWhen recharging the Prima card (with 6 BGN or more)
Prima card 396 days 396 days
Balance 90 days 90 days