Mission and Values


Mtel strives to be the preferred communication partner in the everyday lives of the Bulgarian people and to be of benefit to the society, our employees and our shareholders.


Every day we work hard to achieve this through:

  • Services that are easy to understand and use;
  • Transparent and competitive offers;
  • Innovative solutions and leading technologies;
  • Providing the best customer experience;
  • Perfect operational efficiency;
  • Strongly motivated team of professionals.


  • Leading

    • We are the leader because we provide a wide range of products / services and the best customer experience;
    • We set the trends and we are the leader in innovations;
    • We are responsible towards the society, our customers and employees;
    • We are a reliable and trustworthy partner, who inspires and motivates people.
  • Effortless

    • We strive to be the telecom that sets the standards of service;
    • We offer an easy, fast and efficient way to contact us;
    • We are responsive and supportive to our customers questions and problems;
    • We provide one contact person for our business customers for fast and high quality service.
  • Fair play

    • We are honest when presenting our offers and terms and conditions of contracts;
    • We are open, transparent and correct;
    • We keep our promises;
    • We abide by national and European law;
    • We openly discuss issues and take immediate and adequate actions.