• Friends and Family

    Add or change numbers in the group "Friends and Family".

  • Favourite number

    Select a number from the Mtel network, so that you can use unlimited free calls to it.

  • Main services

    Manage your primary services.

  • Roaming

    Here you can verify your active Roaming tariffs and also change them if necessary.

  • Credit Limit extension

    Increase your credit limit. The service requires a Client password.

  • Extension of data roaming limit

    Select a limit for data traffic that is consistent with your individual usage when you are in roaming.

  • Client's password

    Change your client password and have the freedom to manage all your services from distance - save calls to the Call Center and trips to Mtel offices.

  • Recharge Prima card

    If you are a postpaid customer, you can recharge Prima number and put the amount on your monthly bill.

  • Manage Extras

    Shape your tariff plan to your own taste by selecting and activating Extras for additional minutes, messages or MB.