Mobile and Home internet from Mtel


Postpaid Mobile Internet

  • Mobile internet for your laptop and tablet

    • Surf on the go! Activate the service fast and easy in any Mtel store.
    • If you travel often or you need to use internet outside your home, choose the most suitable mobile internet plan for your tablet or laptop.
    • Surf at maximum speed for the traffic included in the bundle and after using it up – at 64Kbps.
    • Conveniently change and tailor your plan to your current needs with the extras, without any impact on the term of your contract.
    • Every month you will get a gift of one hour of mobile internet.

Prepaid Mobile Internet

Get prepaid mobile internet for your laptop or tablet without a monthly fee and use it whenever you need it!

  • Презареждане на Прима

    Starter Pack

    You’re free to surf wherever and whenever you choose, from anywhere in Bulgaria. Simply get Data Prima, your starter bundle for prepaid mobile internet – without a registration, without any contracts or monthly fees.

  • Mobile Data Add-ons for Laptops and tablets

    You can top-up your Data Prima with additional bundles for mobile internet. The bundle can be activated one-time only or you can choose automatic renewal.

Home internet

  • Internet for your home

    • High speed and high quality internet through fiber connectivity with a speed of up to 100 Mbps
    • Identical download speed for Bulgarian and international websites
    • Free installation;
    • Free Wi-Fi router;
    • 24/7 technical support

Mtel Net Box

  • With Net Box you are getting

    • 4G Wi-Fi router for high-speed surfing in your home
    • Quick and easy instalation - you can do it on your own and start surfing within 2 hours
    • 1 monthly fee discount, when ordering online

Bundle offer

  • Bundle Internet and Interactive TV for your home

    • High speed high quality internet through fiber connectivity of up to 100 Mbps speed
    • Maximum control with the following functionalities: TV recording, time-shifting, TV archive, reminder and others;
    • Free HD equipment and Wi-Fi router;
    • Free professional installation;
    • 24/7 technical support;