Mobile and Home internet from Mtel


Postpaid Mobile Internet

  • Mobile internet for your smartphone

    • Create your own mobile internet plan adding the extras, most suitable for you.
    • Don’t worry you will be left without Internet. With just one click you can add more megabytes.

    If you are using one of our subscription tariff plans, but need more mobile internet for your smartphone, than these extras are just for you. Increase your MB’s or add more traffic to specific pages or apps you visit most often – Facebook; Viber; VBOX7, YouTube and https pages.

  • Mobile internet for your laptop and tablet

    • Surf on the go! Activate the service fast and easy in any Mtel store.

    If you travel often or you need to use internet outside your home, choose the most suitable mobile internet plan for your tablet or laptop.

    • Surf at maximum speed for the traffic included in the bundle and after using it up – at 64Kbps.
    • Conveniently change and tailor your plan to your current needs with the extras, without any impact on the term of your contract.
    • Every month you will get a gift of one hour of mobile internet.

Prepaid Mobile Internet

Get prepaid mobile internet for your laptop or tablet without a monthly fee and use it whenever you need it!

  • Презареждане на Прима

    Starter Pack

    You’re free to surf wherever and whenever you choose, from anywhere in Bulgaria. Simply get Data Prima, your starter bundle for prepaid mobile internet – without a registration, without any contracts or monthly fees.

  • Mobile Data Add-ons for Laptops and tablets

    You can top-up your Data Prima with additional bundles for mobile internet. The bundle can be activated one-time only or you can choose automatic renewal.

Home internet

  • Internet for your home

    • High speed and high quality internet through fiber connectivity with a speed of up to 100 Mbps
    • Identical download speed for Bulgarian and international websites
    • Free installation;
    • Free Wi-Fi router;
    • 24/7 technical support

Bundle offer

  • Bundle Internet and Interactive TV for your home

    • High speed high quality internet through fiber connectivity of up to 100 Mbps speed
    • Maximum control with the following functionalities: TV recording, time-shifting, TV archive, reminder and others;
    • Free HD equipment and Wi-Fi router;
    • Free professional installation;
    • 24/7 technical support;